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You are going to read an article about an English tradition. Some words are missing from the text. Your task is to write the missing words in the boxes. Use only one word in each gap. If you don't know a word, click on the button Give me a letter - but you'll lose points. When you have entered all your answers, cick on the button Check answers. If you make a mistake, please try again until all your answers are correct.

The Flitch Trials

Every four years couples gather in the Essex village of Great Dunmow to convince a group complete strangers that their marriage is not on the rocks.

The lucky pairs who manage persuade the “jury” that their marriage is the real deal are paraded through the streets and a “flitch” of bacon awaits as a prize.

The Flitch Trial is thought to date to the 12th Century and is one of several unusual events place around England this weekend. Graeme Wade, from the organising committee, said the event was popular that a selection panel was needed to choose the five lucky couples who are taking on Saturday. “I think in our electronic age, a traditional event that was born so many centuries captures the imagination,” he said.

The flitch of bacon is half a pig has been smoked and salted. It considered to be a fantastic prize in the days when meat was known to be very expensive. The jury is up of “six maids and six bachelors” and the couples on trial must have married for at least a year and a day. It is the kind of cheerful event that captures the spirit of the English summer, and is particularly popular with visitors from abroad.

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