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Nyelvhelyesség - Task 2

Angol emelt szintű érettségi, 2009. május

You are going to read an article about an interesting job opportunity. Some words are missing from the text. Use the words in brackets to form the words that fit in the gaps. Then write the appropriate form of these words in the gaps. There might be cases when you do not have to change the word in brackets. Use only one word for each gap. If you don't know a word, click on the button Give me a letter - but you'll lose points. When you have entered all your answers, cick on the button Check answers. If you make a mistake, please try again until all your answers are correct.

The best job in the world

Desperate to grab what's being called the “Best Job in the World”, thousands of (hope) from across the globe have submitted video (apply) to the Queensland tourism department in Australia for its latest advertised (vacant) - a $150,000 contract to relax on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef for six months while writing a blog to promote the island.

(respond) to the advertisement has been mind-boggling. More than a million (visit) have logged onto the website that advertises the job since it was (public) on Monday.

On Thursday an (exhaust) team of 10 people were sifting through the 2,000 videos the department had already received, with tens of thousands more expected before the February 22 deadline.

In exchange for the tempting salary, free (accommodate) in an oceanfront villa and airfare from the winner's home country, the (employ) will be required to perform such (tire) tasks as strolling the island's white sand beaches, snorkelling its crystal clear waters and exploring other islands along the reef.

The job is part of a $1.1 million campaign to advertise the (charm) of northeastern Queensland and the winner will be required to post videos and photos on a weekly blog to help promote the area.

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