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Nyelvhelyesség - Task 3

Angol emelt szintű érettségi, 2009. május

You are going to read Steve Rosenberg’s account of his experiences in the hotel of the future. Some words are missing from the text. Choose the most appropriate answer from the options (A-D) for each gap (1-10) in the text. Use the arrows <= and => to move between the questions. You needn't answer the questions in the given order but you must answer them all to complete this task. If you make a mistake, you must try again until you find the right answer.

Hotel Heaven

I love travelling. I enjoy (1)______ new places. But there is something about hotel rooms which often makes me (2)______ to turn around, rush home and lock away my suitcases forever.

Over the years I have stayed in some real “shoeboxes” around the world - rooms which have (3)______ not only size, but also character and comfort.

But thanks to German scientists, the hotel experience is about to be transformed. They have developed a “hotel room of the future”. The idea is to show hotels how new technology can help (4)______.

To be honest, it looks more like a flying saucer than a hotel room - it is round, white and filled with glass and gadgets. (5)______ my guide, scientist Mr Dreharov, research (6)______ that straight lines and corners in hotel rooms are guaranteed to leave guests feeling depressed.

Mr Dreharov presses a button. Suddenly, everything in the room turns red ... then green ... and then blue. The bed looks like a normal double bed, but (7)______. As I lie down it starts moving and rocks me gently from side to side like a baby in a cradle.

There are (8)______ other innovations in this futuristic hotel room. In the hotel bathroom of the future, you can relax in the jacuzzi and, with the help of a remote control, check your emails in the bathroom mirror, (9)______ doubles as a screen. At the touch of a button the window becomes a giant video screen. I climb back onto the moving bed, settle down under the (10)______ soft lights, and watch a film on the window. Now that's what I call hi-tech hotel heaven.


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