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Nyelvhelyesség - Task 3

Angol emelt szintű érettségi, 2010. május

You are going to read an article about a man who found a job after long years of unemployment. Some words are missing from the text. Your task is to write the missing words in the gaps. Use only one word in each gap. When you have entered all your answers, click on the button "Check answers". If you can't guess a word, click on "Give me a letter", but you'll lose points. If you make a mistake, please try again until all your answers are correct.

Hired after 26 years and 300 applications

It took him a staggering 26 years and more than 300 failed applications. But yesterday John Evans was at celebrating - after finally landing himself a job. The 46-year-old bachelor was redundant in 1983 when the steel plant where he worked closed down. the various courses he has taken and the extra qualifications he has gained in order to boost his CV, he has been unemployed ever . Mr Evans said his job prospects had been hindered by disability. At the age of 16 he had a lengthy stay in hospital after diagnosed with epilepsy. Reluctant to sit back and collect benefits, he worked at Rotherham General Hospital a volunteer. Now, after almost three decades of trying, the former clerk is preparing to start work as a care assistant at a nursing home for elderly.

‘I couldn't believe I was hearing when they told me I’d got the job,' he said yesterday. ‘It still hadn’t really sunk in when I finally put down the phone. I suppose my confidence simply disappeared after so many rejections. But I had this belief that if I kept on applying, long it took, I would get a job one day. It’s paid and my confidence has grown already, although I’ll be a little nervous on my way to work.’

Mr Evans, who starts work on Monday, said he had been turned down for dozens of jobs. He had not even been hired for a role as a production worker at a factory.

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