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Olvasott szöveg értése - Task 2

Angol középszintű érettségi, 2011. május

Read the descriptions of four holidays offering charity work and the statements following them. Your task is to match the statements with the descriptions. Click on the letter next to the correct answer. Use the arrows <= and => to move between the questions. You needn't answer the questions in the given order but you must answer them all to complete this task. If you make a mistake, you must try again until you find the right answer.
A) Join a blind person in an adventure
Blind filmmaker Amar Latif came up with the idea of TravelEyes' unique tours, in which blind and sighted travellers holiday together. On these tours you'll use your eyes to share the experience with your companions, whether it's the golden beaches of California or Florence's majestic Campanile. TravelEyes has won Latif several awards, and its customers – both sighted and blind – keep coming back.
Price: from £499 for 8 days

B) Help street children in Peru
If you know how to use a hammer, you can help build and maintain centres for boys and girls whose parents cannot afford to care for them. During your two-week visit you will stay in the capital, Lima, and in one of the charity's more remotely located centres – which will probably involve a jungle expedition. And you can visit the Inca Trail.
Price: £900 for two weeks excluding flights

C) Preserve your environment
The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers runs holidays that offer a unique chance to get back to nature. Accommodation can range from a tent to a luxury cottage, depending on your preference and budget, and food is included. You'll need to arrange your own travel.
Price: £180 (for seven nights) protecting butterfly habitats in Dartmoor; £570 (10 nights) cultivating orchards (with different fruit trees) in Romania.

D) Run a stately home
You’ll help to protect some of Britain's most beautiful countryside and historic houses. The British Trust offers hundreds of different activities, from working on a farm to archaeology and helping to organise streetmarkets; some also provide the opportunity for surfing and sailing.
Price: from £55 for a weekend