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In this text about the new logo of a town in Britain the endings of some sentences have been removed. Match the endings with the beginnings. There is one extra ending that you do not need. When you have entered all your answers, cick on the button Check answers. If you make a mistake, please try again until all your answers are correct.


A) but I haven’t heard a bad word about it

B) who had been interested in using the logo

C) so it cannot be used by other towns

D) but they didn’t win the competition

E) and it should have been spent on ‘more important’ matters

F) while the green symbolises the parks and the outskirts

G) while others compare it to a ‘deformed insect’
Burnley chooses new logo

The town of Burnley is going to get a new logo as part of a £110,000 plan to improve the town’s image. The ‘visual expression’ consists of a computer-generated, threedimensional image of lots of multi-coloured circles. Council bosses are now trying to register the logo, (1) .Burnley's new logo
It will be seen at gateways to Burnley, and also on a website, to make it easier for people to identify the image with the town. The councillors have rather different opinions of the design: some describe it as ‘exciting’ (2) . It is believed that the multi-coloured circles represent the different aspects of the town. The red is supposed to represent the urban part of Burnley, (3) .
The leader of Burnley Council said he was a fan of the logo, because it symbolises the town’s various characteristic features. He added that the town had beaten others (4) . "Our steps have been successful so far" he said. "Maybe the town was a mess eight or nine years ago, but we have worked hard, and we believe that we are on the right track now. We now have a Premier League football club and we want to be a Premier League town as well. The logo is bright and unusual and really exciting. I think it’s a risky choice, (5) ."
Some councillors had no problem with the logo at all: they thought it was a good idea. Others complained that the town had spent too much money on the logo (6) . One of them said: "The logo is not the best I have seen. As for our efforts to let the world know about our results, it’s important to get the message across, but it is more important to find the solution to our social and economic problems."

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